Live film: When Elephants Came into Tezpur Town, India


Elephant-human conflict is a regular feature in many parts of Assam and North East India. Here are some live footages from a Assam town

On 11th of September, people of Tezpur woke up to a herd of wild elephants taking shelter in a green patch within the town. They herd stayed there the whole day. In the meanwhile the Forest department along with the Police and CRPF cleared one route, blocked other paths, made people stay at a safe distance to prevent any accidental injuries. The electricity department turned off the main lines so that elephants would not get electrocuted. Finally at 5 PM after almost 12 hours, the herd started moving out of the city. Human- wildlife encounters are becoming quite common – In this case the coordination between departments and cooperation from the people was core to the whole effort of keeping humans as well as elephants safe.

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