Green College: Education with a Purpose

Dasharathi Behera

The Green College in Odisha is leading by example in the field of rural innovation and sustainable livelihoods.

Sustainable living is at the core of the ethos that Green College seeks to promote. The students here are trained to manage and conserve natural resources and develop means of livelihood from them. For instance, after the paddy is harvested, most of the straw goes to waste. But at Green College, students make out of the straw and sell them. Such a set-up particularly helps women and adds economic value to the work they do, often dismissed as an extension of unpaid household work.

Dasharathi Behera reports from Rayagada, Odisha for Video Volunteers. This video was made by a Video Volunteers Community Correspondent.

Community Correspondents come from marginalised communities in India and produce videos on unreported stories. These stories are ’news by those who live it’ and give the hyperlocal context to global human rights and development challenges.

Take action for a more just global media by sharing their videos and joining in their call for change. Video Volunteers is a community media organisation which has directly impacted the lives of more than 1.5 million people in India by initiating and sustaining a global community media movement – empowering people by giving them a voice.

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